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IBM Aspera Orchestrator 4.0

Virtualisation - Processing

Managing video content libraries is an evolving challenge facing everyone in the media and entertainment industry. From film studios and broadcasters to OTT platforms, sports teams and other content owners, staff need to access and retrieve assets in real time. With IT infrastructures continuing to become more complex, ensuring the constant security and availability of video assets is no easy task. As such, media organizations have further embraced cloud computing while the automation of key processes across ingest, playout and archiving has become more important than ever before.

IBM Aspera Orchestrator 4.0 automates and orchestrates data processing in on-premises or hybrid cloud environments. Delivering high performance, ease of use and great predictability for media workflows, IBM Aspera Orchestrator helps enterprises manage and automate file transfers and processing – from simple transfer automation, to highly complex workflow orchestrations involving multiple business application processes.

IBM Aspera Orchestrator enables precise control over the Aspera high-performance file transfer environment by allowing organizations to build efficient and predictable file processing pipelines that interconnect business units and external partners. Files can be directed, processed, and redirected with easy-to-define rules based on an organization’s workflows and using existing IT infrastructure.

To provide uninterrupted data flow regardless of system load, Aspera Orchestrator relies on Aspera FASP, the patented bulk data transfer technology that enables high-speed data delivery regardless of file size and format, transfer distance, or network conditions.

Creatives can visually define and automate executions of existing workflows with Aspera Orchestrator’s interactive graphical workflow designer, making it easy to compose execution streams based on current workflows. Drag-and-drop visual elements let users define logical sequences, inputs, action types, outputs and dependencies, and group them into reusable modular templates. The graphical interface also monitors active workflows in near real-time to view a detailed history of operations.

Other key features include
Intelligent and robust decision engine
Interactive browser interface for tracking and reporting
Rich and flexible plug-in architecture for third-party process integration

Numerous media organizations – like BT Sport and Berlinale film festival – use Aspera Orchestrator to automate and orchestrate media workflows from distributed and centralized locations for applications including high-volume processing and transformation, secure content contribution and distribution, and high-speed ingest and assembly.

IBM Aspera Orchestrator 4.0 provides expanded support for distributed workflow development while providing an enhanced look and feel. It offers streamlined workflow import and export functionality with performance enhancements for high-availability deployments.

Like all IBM Aspera products, Aspera Orchestrator’s new user interface and user experience are based on Carbon 10 and provide simplified access to resource control. The new version also features GIT integration and improved workflow deployment for import/export, and synchronization to easily migrate workflows from development to production.

Extended Python support for Custom Actions, including improved Journal features, enables users to customize workflow steps without external scripts. It also offers support for new plugins with a focus on cloud services, including integration with Aspera on Cloud, and support for IBM Watson, HTTP Gateway and management of IBM Cloud infrastructure.