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Production - Cameras


The Canon CN10X25 IAS S CINE-SERVO lens is a 4K and 8K-capable 25mm-250mm 10x power zoom with a wide focal length range and compact, lightweight design. Its hybrid broadcast/cinema capabilities suit drama, commercials, sports and documentary, making it a good match for the C300 Mark III and Canon’s other Cinema EOS System cameras. The 11-blade aperture creates a soft bokeh highlighting the subject, and warm colour tones for a cinematic look.

Built to capture sharp images, the power zoom can handle shot types from 25mm wide angle, to 250mm telephoto. This range can be pushed to 375mm with a built-in 1.5x optical extender, supporting close-up capture of action happening in the distance. With the extender it is possible to enlarge the image size of the lens to make it compatible with 35mm Full Frame sensor cameras such as the Canon EOS C500 Mark II.

The drive unit is detachable for many different broadcast and cinema production requirements. Real and virtual images can be calibrated with precision position detection. The lens mount can also be interchanged between an EF and PL mount.

Its compliance with communication standards supporting EF communication with EF mount, and Cooke/i Technology with PL mount, gives extra support for unusual types of productions. A 12-pin serial communication is supported for broadcast standards, as well as a 20-pin connector outputting accurate lens positional data for various virtual systems.

CN10X25 IAS S Key Features:
• 4K and 8K camera-compatible image quality
• 25mm wide angle and 10x high-power zoom
• Internal 1.5x extender
• Detachable drive unit
• Interchangeable EF and PL mount
• Compliant with wide-ranging communication standards with a lens-to-camera communication function for added experience